Multirate Methods for ODEs

Mulirate methods

The effective solution of systems of ordinary differential equations with components that vary at fast and slow speeds, requires the use of multirate methods. Multirating applies different timesteps on subsystems. In this line of research, we create novel theoretical frameworks for building and analyzing multirate methods.


  • The theoretical framework for high-order partitioned Runge-Kuatta methods is described Sandu et al.

  • The foundation for descrete and decoupeld Runge-Kuatta-like methods are laid out in this paper.. This is followed up by a class of implicit multirate methods.

  • Multirate Infinitesimal General-structure Additive Runge-Kutta MRI-GARK family of methods elevates the fast integration to a continuous differential equation that can be solved with arbitrary accuracy. It is further developed by us to include implicit methods.

  • We envision application of mutirate methods to surrogate models in this paper